eZone is a real time RFID solution unlike any other comparably placed system currently available. Using RFID technology and custom software, eZone provides everything that a conventional nurse call system does and more.

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eZone is a UK designed and manufactured care alerting system unlike any other comparably priced system.

eZone is designed around care providers unfulfilled needs and their specific requirements to cope with current legislative demands. The increasing levels of care required by clients within the care industry demanded a fresh approach to care systems that had stagnated for many years with no real innovation or adoption of new technology.

Using RFID technology and real-time position updating, eZone provides everything that a conventional nurse call system does and much more. Staff and patient location, dementia and wandering alerts based on unique client profiles, fall monitoring, simplicity of installation and user training.

eZone also provides a choice of wired, wireless or mixed hybrid systems allowing a single system to be installed into a mixed property estate without any compromises on functionality or requiring multiple maintainers and stocks of spare parts.

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eZone: Simplicity!

Unlimited call types all defined by you activated from a single button, unlike other systems relying on multiple buttons in assorted colours – avoiding staff confusion, requiring minimal training and ensuring fast adoption by temporary or bank staff.

Automatic call cancellation, when a staff member enters the room the alarm status changes automatically to staff present, the staff name is logged and the call is reset. No buttons to press, no confusion, it’s automatic. For additional staff assistance simply activate the single call point button – eZone will automatically raise the call to the next level.

Key Features

  • Heavily featured automated wireless nurse call system with minimal staff involvement required
  • Automated call logging and reporting for key CQC criteria for both staff and resident monitoring
  • Automated wandering alarm specific to reach resident's movement patterns and restrictions
  • Automated fall alarm for each resident
  • Automated lack of movement alarm to encourage staff to involve a resident in activities if required
  • Automated resident conflict alarm if two residents are in the vicinity of each other without staff present
  • All standard features for raising the following alarms: call, assistance, emergency, staff presence
  • Wide range of accessories available

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eZone Staff & Patient Location

Automatic staff location, all day, all night! No buttons to press, no ID cards to present, no forgetting to log out or not logging in at all. All activity is stored and recorded for audit trail and reporting. No more manual checklists or completing forms at the end of a shift. Patient location is also simple - a pendant transmitter sends an alert which provides the client name and current location so staff don’t waste time looking for a client who is in need of assistance – anywhere on site.

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eZone Fall Monitoring

Caring for a loved one who is prone to falls can be a stressful task. eZone ensures that should someone fall over or need assistance, an alert can be raised and assistance can be provided quickly. To make it even easier, fall monitoring is built in to every portable device as standard. It’s not an extra, its included because we were asked for it – repeatedly!

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eZone Dementia & Wandering

Each resident has their own care profile and risk assessment. Alarms can be raised if they leave their room, if they leave a floor level, if they leave the building or approach an area of risk such as a kitchen or stairwell. No requirement for door contacts or bed monitor sensors. Should a confused client enter another bedroom, an immediate alert is sent to staff so they can respond accordingly. When the staff member leaves a room the system logs them out automatically and records how long they were present.

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eZone Access Control

Not only do we provide call points for doors that alert if opened but these can also act as an access control system. If the staff or client fob has the required access level the door is automatically unlocked, if not the door remains closed and secure. Any attempts to open an unauthorised door can be flagged and sent via an alert, so staff are always aware of what is happening.

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eZone Call Event Customisation

Call Event customisation – room by room, device by device. Every client is different and has varying requirements and reasons to call – we listened to your concerns so instead of providing system wide global text labels such as CALL, ASSIST, EMERGENCY, eZone allows customised text per room and per client fob.

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eZone: Wired or wireless?

You choose! eZone works in both modes and devices can be switched from one to the other or mix and match in the same system. In new build situations a wired system may be preferred. When upgrading an existing wireless system, a damaged wired network or decor sensitive site a wire-free option can be installed.

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