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For more than 25 years, our key development staff have worked across the UK and Ireland, within the care industry providing solutions to care homes, hospitals, managed housing developments, charities and many other organisations. Using modern and proven technology from specialist manufacturers combined with first-hand feedback gained from: specifiers, contractors and end-users we have developed our own hybrid automated nurse call system – Encompass eZone

A largely automated system providing simplicity for both staff and residents. Based on each resident’s key criteria and risk assessment, automated alarms can be created for various reasons such as ‘wandering’, ‘fall’, ‘resident conflict’, ‘lack of movement’, ‘lack of staff interaction’, medication and bed turn prompts’, etc. Each individual criteria can be adjusted per resident and for any area of the building unlike existing systems where any setting is typically reflected as a global setting for all residents.

Why a hybrid system? It is perhaps easier to ask why a wired or a wire free system as both have advantages and disadvantages? At last you can have the best of both worlds - eZone.

Wired nurse call companies would argue for reliability, cost and low maintenance whereas wire free companies would argue flexibility, ease of installation, ability to modify and add new rooms easily.

eZone provides it all – mix and match wired and wire free to suit both current and future potential requirements.

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