The majority of nurse call systems on the market generally offer building wide solutions for the monitoring of internal or external doors to alert staff when someone has passed through them. However, this fails to take into account whether the client passing through is actually at risk – the system alarms whether they are in danger or not. eZone is fully customisable for each resident’s needs and alarms are only triggered to suit their specific care plan, saving staff members valuable time.

eZone Alert SystemStaff Fob Advantages

Historically with nurse call systems, staff members are required to attend the room, push the reset button once to log them as present, then press the reset button again as they leave the room to clear the call down. In practice however, staff members tend to log into the room and then forget to log out which distorts the true time they spent with the resident and throws the call logging trail out of sync. With eZone, staff members wear a fob which tracks their movements around the building. When a call is raised and the staff member attends to the room, they are automatically logged as present and once they leave, they are automatically logged out. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s fool proof.

Resident Fob Advantages

Management Advantages

Because all of the staff and resident fobs can be tracked seamlessly in the background, trigger reports can be created for residents as mentioned above but also for staff members. Examples include: